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Jerry Gilpin, Bristol

"We have worked with Jonathan on many occasions over the past 10 years. He has designed, made and fitted cupboards and shelves in a lounge, a fitted bedroom for a young teenager, fitted wardrobes, storage cupboards, two fitted studies and an entire hallway. The fact that we have kept going back to him is testament to his meticulous eye for detail, commitment to high quality, and innovative and workable design solutions which have been needed in an old house. He is pleasant and thoughtful to work with, and takes care that the client is really happy with the design. He sticks to time frames, and manages expectations well if this is impossible for reasons beyond his control. He isn't cheap (note: the figure below represents our total spend with him, not the cost of one project!) or prepared to do a rushed job - but if you're going to live in a space for a while it's worth taking the time to do things right and to pay for quality.

We are currently talking to him about a final piece of work, after which nearly every room in our house will have something he's created in it…"

A painted and oak study.
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